Monday, May 28, 2012

Les Miserábles: Opening Night Preparations!

After nearly five months of preparation, arduous vocal rehearsals, set building, costume designing, and creating intense personal connections to this complex and challenging show, opening night finally arrives! Here's a glimpse backstage as actors, directors, musicians and crew prepare.

Sahirah adjusts Milly's makeup
Mavelyn prepares
Brian shows off his 'burns
No stage-fright for these veteran thespians
Q pencils in Javert's evil eyebrows
Room 201 buzzes with activity
Gathering for a pre-show pep-talk

Manuela and Mariana share a laugh
William is ready for his close-up
Returning alumni Brianne perfects Monei's make-up
Kurtis chills in his constable outfit
Emily checks her mic
Fatumata: beaming as usual
Lights, Camera, Action: Ben and Lou are ready to roll
Dr. K and the musicians get into their places
William, about to make his stage debut, struts his stuff with Denisse, Q and Julie

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All photo credits: Alejandro Duran