Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to Life: Babies, Artwork, Writing and Theater... Awww yeah.

Over the last eight months, the bulk of my "creative instigation" energies have been channeled into birth-giving, infant-rearing and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual re-booting needed to balance school, art and the occasional date night with caring for a new small human. Loco bananas, y'all.

Post kid #2, the ramp-up back into my normal creative rhythms has been clumsy, stop-and-start, and shot through here and there with bouts of grousing and apathy. No joke, this whole working mother thing is a beast. That said, I'm glad to report that after a bumpy winter and early spring, the artistic juices are flowing again. Here are a couple of updates:

I'm SUPER excited and honored that a painting of mine was selected as the cover art for "Eyes, Stones," a book of Whitman-award-winning poems about the Palestine/Israel conflict by my extraordinarily talented and visionary friend Elana Bell. She is celebrating the release of the book with an amazing event at The Green Building in Brooklyn on May 3rd featuring live music and dance performances, a theatrical reading of her poetry, and a silent auction of artwork inspired by the manuscript to benefit Just Vision, an organization that provides in-depth media coverage of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and civilians working for a just peace in the region. Click here for more information.

A short essay I wrote was recently published by The Sun Magazine in their Readers Write feature "The Best Feeling In The World." These guys are my heroes and I feel really lucky to have my writing in their pages. It's the first time I've gotten to see my work in print (not just online, but in actual ink on actual paper!) and I'm geeking out over the tactile experience of leafing through a magazine on my coffee table and getting to see my story.

You can read the piece here.

Finally, work at Bronx Prep is rocking and rolling like never before. We're doing Les Miserábles, and I've never seen a group of kids so  obsessed with a show before. Ironically enough -- given how far removed it is from them in terms of time period, geography, race and culture -- I think it's because we've never done a show that connects so directly to their lives. 

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