Saturday, December 21, 2013

Annual BX-BK Holiday Cookie Party, December 2013

This year marks the 7th anniversary of our annual BX-BK fake-bake-sale holiday cookie party throw-down. You can read all about the roots of the tradition HERE.

Ingrid came early this year and helped Q, Denisse and Letishia get started on cookies

Siri and Lyle bond with the ladies at the table

Bintou holds it down in the kitchen

Dr. K poses with a crowded table

Siri and Denisse

Playing "Celebrity"

Getting competitive

Julie and the ladies

The whole crew

Chanukah is officially over but tradition dictates we sing the blessing anyway...

We also light all the other holiday candles in the house and sing "Light in the Soul"

After the kids head home, Siri and Lyle watch the candles burn down

A peaceful moment in the quiet kitchen before bedtime

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